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va mortgage Santa Ana CA

Crosspoint Financial Inc. is a VA Loan specialist dedicated to providing its clients with the most relevant information so they can weigh their options when considering a new VA loan. The Crosspoint Financial team is highly trained and specialized in all areas of VA loans. Some of our competitors are jack of all trade companies struggling through whatever type of loan comes their way. Our philosophy has always been "specialize in what you know and be great at it". For 20 years, the president of Crosspoint Financial Inc has retained that philosophy and over the past 2 decades has dedicated 100% of his time in the mortgage business counseling Veterans on VA loan products and funding their loans.

You may think that being a VA Loan specialist is a narrow focus in a very large universe of loans and you are right. During the mid-2000s most mortgage companies were selling the latest sub-prime loans of the day that ultimately buried their borrowers, created the credit crisis and ultimately had to close their doors. Crosspoint Financial Inc. remained true to its core values and focused on helping veterans returning from battle in the Middle East achieve the American Dream of purchasing their first home. Those who already had VA loans we were able to refinance down to much lower rates and achieve mortgage interest savings for the life of their loans.

By keeping our focus on helping Veterans, the exceptional staff and customer service at Crosspoint Financial Inc. continually strive to prove ourselves and remain the most committed VA Loan Specialists in the area.